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Online Wedding

Invitations to weddings are now available online. Yes, paper invitations are still more common and are frequently thought of as being more formal. Additionally, as we’ll discuss, some of your relatives might be a little surprised by your email invitation.

However, for the most part, online wedding invitations have shed their baggage and have emerged as a widely accepted (and more affordable) substitute.

This article is a comprehensive how-to for emailing wedding invitations.

We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of email invitations versus paper ones.

We’ll also go over the different digital invitation options available to you, share a ton of templates you can use, and guide you through the process of setting up email invitations and digital RSVPs step-by-step. To get more informational topics, stay with Online Idea.

Let’s marry you now, shall we?

7 Benefits of Emailing Wedding Invitations Instead of Regular Mail

Here are seven benefits of emailing your wedding invitations as opposed to mailing them.

Less expensive

The cost is one of the main justifications for choosing online invitations. For a large wedding with elaborate invitations, the cost of paper invitations can reach hundreds of dollars.

That is absurd.

Almost always, online invitations will be less expensive. Using one of the online invitation services will cost you money, so be aware of that. But it won’t cost you nearly as much as buying paper invitations.

Environmental Friendly

There is a lot of waste produced by paper invitations. Digital invitations don’t have to have a “cheap” reputation, and you can justify your choice by emphasizing how environmentally friendly it is.

Not at the leniency of the post office

In the mail, invitations can disappear. Delays are possible. They are prone to be damaged, broken, and bent. Even those who try might not succeed.

Digital invitations are an exception to this. Delivery is prompt and trustworthy. You will also have statistics that show you who has opened, clicked, and responded to your invitation.

Simpler to find addresses for Online wedding

Most of your guests’ email addresses are likely already in your possession. Less likely are actual physical addresses.

I know that because you would probably email or WhatsApp the invite to the people instead of getting their physical addresses.

Makes RSVPs Simpler

A digital RSVP process is simpler than a manual one. You can gather responses online when sending out invitations. That makes things simpler for both you and your visitors.

RSVP cards for weddings are a constant hassle, as anyone who has ever done so can attest. (In addition, you’ll just use a spreadsheet to enter the data from those cards. Online RSVPs cut out the middleman).

Atumaticlly Follow-ups emails

If you send paper invitations, you won’t send a second one to stragglers; instead, you’ll have to identify those who haven’t responded and contact them by email, phone, or text. That’s a lot of manual labor and bookkeeping. Through a variety of email-sending tools, we can completely automate the process when sending digital invitations.

Less time limit

Paper invitations have many deadlines. You must select an invitation by a certain date, print my invitation by a certain date, and send it by a certain date. Adds a bunch of extra deadlines to an already stressful process.

With email invitations, you can go from “I’ll send an invite” to sending to see your first response in an hour or less.

Online Wedding Invitations Options

Online wedding invitations can be sent using three main methods. You can use a digital invitation service, and send invitations via email, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as invite guests to a party.

Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of those possibilities.

Digital Invitation Solutions for Online wedding

Wedding invitations are available from the majority of digital invitation services if not all of them. After uploading your guest list, creating your invitation using the platform’s design wizard, and sending it out, is all that is required.

In most cases, the services also take care of RSVPs.

Steps to Create Your Online Wedding Invitations

I’ll now walk you through the process of making your own unique digital wedding invitations.

This includes creating your invitation, setting up RSVPs, and automated follow-ups to guests who don’t respond.

Create The Invitation With WishNWed

To design your invitation, we’ll use WishNWed. Even if you’ve never used a graphic design program before, WishNWed offers a wide variety of free options and is fairly simple to use.

Visit wished and click on the save the date card to access free wedding invitation templates. (You can look for paid ones as well, but since we’re focusing on free ones, if we have some budget, then we have another option to make a video invitation during this process). A warning sign that the invitation uses premium features, such as caricatures, is the small $ icon in the invitation thumbnail.

By entering your event details there, which took about two minutes to edit, you can self-customize your invitations.

After finishing your invitation, click the Save button in the top right corner. Once you click Download, a JPEG file of your invitation will be downloaded.

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