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According to a report, around 40 million tonnes of electronic waste is generated each year and the number is expected to increase with time. This rising e-waste is very harmful to the environment and one of the reasons behind climate change. Due to the toxins or chemicals released from old electronics, various governments, and non-profits are working to reduce the amount of waste. In recent years, technology has also greatly changed how we treat old items and dispose of them. 

Today, a lot of people are becoming aware of the impact of e-waste and taking steps to discard items like batteries or laptops properly. If you think about it, technology has also made it easier to treat e-waste in different ways so electronics do not end up in landfills. To give you a better idea, here are a few ways that it’s changing how we deal with old or used items. 

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Sell Online For Cash 

This is actually becoming more common with time and can help people make some money as well. You can consider selling your used or old electronics, mainly computers, laptops, and smartphones online and get cash in return. Various platforms have made it very simple for people to give up such items and dispose of them in the right way. So instead of throwing them away or storing them in your garage, you can easily get a quote or estimate for them online or recycle them for free. 

If your device is in good condition and functional, you may be able to sell the item for a good price. It is important to maintain transparency and enter the details about the model and accessories accurately. In case, you are looking to discard a very old or broken gadget, you can always send it for recycling. Most platforms also offer the option to recycle laptops and computers with free shipping as well. 

Otherwise, you can get a quote instantly for your smartphones, iPads, and other devices. After the items are evaluated and meet all the requirements, people can receive their payments within hours. This has made it easier for everyone to reduce the impact on the environment and dispose of their electronics securely. 

Repair and Refurbish 

Most people are likely to upgrade to new technology frequently. If you think about it, new models of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and many other electronics are introduced every year. This gives consumers the idea that they should invest in the latest technology and discard old items. However, as consumers become aware of the negative impact of e-waste, a lot of them are treating used gadgets responsibly. Many people opt for repairs or refurbish their electronics to prolong their lifespan. 

This is one way that technology has changed how we treat e-waste greatly. The market for refurbished or repaired items is also growing which means that you can always sell them for a good price too. When it comes to laptops or computers. Refurbishing can help create a powerful device that can be used for work or gaming. By adding a new hard drive or SSD, changing the display, and replacing the battery, you can restore your laptop to its original condition. 

Similarly, by repairing a device that is less than a year old. You can utilize all the latest features and make it last for longer as well. Since a few new models may not have a lot of changes. It’s easier to fix any issues within the previous one and continue to use them for three to five years. In the end, this helps reduce e-waste and prevents old gadgets from ending up in landfills. 

Replace or Sell Parts 

In this day and age, even corporations are working towards launching products that can last for at least five years. It’s why many of them also run recycling programs to collect old electronics and recover functional parts or metals to use in other items. You can also sell your laptops and computers for parts to repair shops and small businesses. 

Technology has also made it possible for us to upgrade or change parts without replacing the item completely. This not only helps save money but makes it easier to use the device for a longer time. And avoid throwing it away. Recently, a company in San Francisco, Framework, introduced a computer that is considered modular. It basically has parts that can be easily changed or upgraded over time. 

This has been designed as an eco-friendly product that may reduce the amount of e-waste in the long run and encourage people to use their electronics for a few years. 

Trade-In for Store Credit or Gift Card 

Many computers or manufacturers have successful trade-in programs. That allows consumers to give their e-waste for recycling in return for a gift card or credit. Dell, Microsoft, Best Buy. And Amazon is just some of the companies that run facilities. Where people can drop off or ship their old and used electronics. This way, people can recycle electronics safely and play an important role in protecting the environment. 

When you discard any device. There is a good chance of it being sent to a landfill in another country as well. The toxins and chemicals released can move into the rivers, oceans, and ground within a short time. This can lead to health problems in young children and adults too. So, large corporations and non-profits are encouraging people to dispose of their electronics in the right way and trade them in if possible. 

Most trade-in programs have the devices listed on their website. And you can easily find out whether it’s accepted for store credit or a gift card. In case, you are unable to find the item on the list. There is also the option of recycling it for free. You can send all the old electronics easily to a facility or center that is in your location. 

To Sum Up 

These are some ways that technology is changing how we treat electronic waste. With time, it is becoming very important to dispose of old items safely or recycle them to reduce their impact on the environment. You can also consider donating them to schools or special programs that teach young students technical skills. Small businesses or offices looking to upgrade their equipment can also give away computers, and printers. And screens in bulk to such institutions. 

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