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Being a Self-Taught Programmer

I don’t know what you are going to say about this. But Mark Zuckerberg is a self-taught software developer, and look at what he made. Of course, there is something called the ‘luck’ factor and its opposing ‘careful calculations’. But Mark did it. So can you. To get more information stay with Online Idea.

However, most people who are not from IT or any technical field tend to stay away from it for fear of getting behind in the competition. The truth is software development is a field that is open to anyone who wants to learn. Sadly, this fact sometimes is missed out by enthusiasts and people who can really use it.

I would like to state that being a developer these days is possible. You don’t need a tech degree or a Computer Science (CS) certificate to learn how to code. The real question is whether or not you would want to code. We may find the answer to that in this post. 

  • Coding: Why Self-Teaching It?

It is because you can. You are not bound by certain rules to learn to code. You may have studied a non-technical subject such as literature or social sciences or a mainstream science subject such as maths, physics, or biology. That, however, does not stand as a barrier to stopping you from learning how to code. 

Teaching how to code can help you get in touch with the logical side of life and become an expert problem-solver. Sure, you might say that you don’t need problem-solving skills to make a better investment decision or to win a game of chess. You will need these skills to make better decisions about everything in life. 

Although that is a potential reason to learn to code, we will need to learn a little about what it means to self-teach coding, and that too from scratch. Yes, some programming languages and some topics of coding might need an additional backup of knowledge and conception of maths or physics. In other cases, you might not even need them at all. 

Now a lot of people or learners do not want to make extra work to learn how to code just because they think there are maths and physics and all complicated subjects are involved. While that is a natural reason for non-science and non-IT students, that is still not a viable reason to say ‘no’ to programming.

For example, C++ is a language that can be learned independently without knowing mathematics or physics at the basic level. In later stages, advanced C++ students might need to learn maths. You can still use an extra math class to learn only those elements of mathematics required for your coding classes. 

  • Self-Teaching How to Code May Be Cheaper and Quicker

It is a plain fact to understand that coding gets cheaper and quicker when you learn it yourself. A traditional computer science degree or learning can be lengthy and, to some extent, a little stressing for any candidate.

I would also like to point out something about my own career. In my degree course, I have learned about 6 programming languages, half of which I have not even used a single time. I am not saying that learning them is useless. But I have been working in this field for a really long time, and I have not gained the chance to use those languages my heart wants so much to use. 

However, I can still use them in freelance work. But, with a pressurizing work life, I am not able to exercise those languages in professional fields.

This is where I think learning programming in the self-teaching route is still an impressive idea. If you want to be a speaker or a writer, it is not always necessary for you to go through an exhaustive literature course. Not offending the courses, you can still do some studies with your personal efforts and get to be a speaker or a writer anyway. 

Similarly, self-taught programmers gain the advantage of precise learning. If you want to work in the game development industry and your employer wants you to code in C++ and only that, then you really don’t need to sweat through other languages such as Python or JavaScript. 

A college degree in CS takes about 3 to 4 years to finish. If you want to go for a post-graduation course, then it will take longer. You also have to spend a good amount of money on the courses.

You can code in a way cheaper way than that if you select to do so in a customized way. If you choose an online course, then you can learn how to code from the comfort of your home as well. 

Money is, however, required for a course. And if you think you don’t have money to learn the course you want, then take out a fast loan in Ireland in order to fund your education. You can still return the money using your income later. 

  • Benefits of Self-Teaching How to Code 

No education is worth ‘nothing’. That is a wrong idea. Be it painting; cooking; accountancy, or simple cleaning; any skill is great to learn. When you enhance your skills through programming, then you may bring these changes in your life:

  • You can be a better problem-solver in life and will develop fantastic reasoning skills, which you may use in doing other things in life. It can do good for your profession as well, no matter what job you do.
  • You may get to learn to code, and then you can add another point to your CV or resume in order to find better job opportunities.
  • You can definitely get a new job as a software developer, even if you are self-taught. As a matter of fact, no company looks for a CS degree in order to recruit candidates these days. 

All that matters is your skills, and if you are adept in them, the position is yours. Just be sure about the work you are signing up for because joining it will bring a lot of responsibilities to you. Manage them with care. 

  • To Conclude: Join Your Coding Class As Soon As You Can 

If you want to be a coder and have eyed a nice opportunity to learn how to code, then wasting time will make you confused. When you know you need to start somewhere, you just have got to start it, right?

For the course fees, you can ask your family members or use part of your income to pay. You can also make a smart decision by looking for an authentic direct lender and finding a loan. Direct lenders even ignore a poor credit score and offer you legit money loans for bad credit

Whatever impediments may come, don’t stop before reaching your goal. Being a programmer will open a new door for you. The world behind that door is simply breathtaking. So, go ahead. Open it. The key is here in the form of a coding course. 

Description: Being a self-taught developer may bring multiple options for you. Chances are you have the qualities to be a programmer. Learn here why self-taught programming is important.

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