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Mother and daughter burnt alive

What happened in Kanpur is a disgrace to humanity. Mother and daughter burnt alive. You must also understand what the government is capable of and how low it can sink. It is an incident that happened in Kanpur that will melt your heart and fill your eyes with tears. To get more informational topics, stay with Online Idea.

This accident occurred on Monday, and the family claims that the government (administration) set fire to their house. But the administration denies all of the charges made by the family of the two women who died in the fire. It is a shame on humanity that people keep recording. No one helps the affected family despite having the whole incident on their phones.

Pramila Dixit, 41, and her daughter Neha, 21, were both burned alive in their thatched cottage in Madauli village, Kanpur. Now the question is whether this was an incident or a murder. Before that, have a look at how the whole incident happened.

How the whole incident happened that Mother and daughter burnt alive

The victim’s son, Shivam, has stated that this is a planned murder. Several people have been harassing the victims’ families for several days. And have requested assistance from the administration, but no one has listened to them. Shivam also said that the police officers, SDM, and revenue officers all are met together.

He recriminated, saying that some powerful individual in that area was forcing them to leave those houses, but they refused. After that, they bribed the administration and made them do this. The question now is, how can anyone be so cruel for money to do such work? This is intolerable, and it begs the question of how can the government will get everything done.

The people gathered at the time captured that on video. And the son of the dead woman, Shivam, was screaming, “Look! My mother is burning!” Consider for a moment how terrifying that would be. Shivam said that the administration came with a bulldozer to their house. When his family was sleeping and started demolishing the house. Somehow he and his father arranged to come out of the house. But those local police officers were present at that time, beating them. And forced them to go inside the house so they would all die.

His father (Krishna Kumar) is burned in some spots. Shivam stated that after his house starts burning and the administration knows that his mother and sister are inside. They do not attempt to stop the fire but rather keep breaking down his house until everything has burned.

What the victim’s family wants now

Mother and daughter burnt alive: No matter that, what will the government compensate them for? But his mother and sister will not come back. Shivam refused to perform his mother’s and sister’s final rituals until he received justice. They also denied the body’s postmortem. They lost 22 goats, a house, and two family members. Now, they want compensation for the loss, including land, Rs. 1 crore in compensation, and a government job for a member of the family.

Shivam wants justice for his loss, and he files a case against more than 35 people. Including the SDM of that area, local police officers with the SHO, and a revenue officer. The case is filed under IPS sections 302, 307, 436, 429, 323, and 34. Deputy CM also assures justice. Divisional commissioner Raj Shekhar and additional director general of police (Kanpur zone). Alok Singh visited the village to calm the mob and promised to take action against those responsible.

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